Just Tactics est sorti en version 1.0.0 & offre promotionnelle

A l’occasion de la sortie en version 1.0.0 du jeu Just Tactics,  le studio Hit the Sticks propose une offre promotionnelle :

100$ aux 10 000 premiers clients qui auront acheté le jeu si les ventes dépassent 200 000 produits. Cette offre est aussi valable pour ceux qui ont déjà acheté les versions alpha ou beta.









Hi goupildb,

Version 1.0.0 is done.

It is an amazing feeling!

Just Tactics looks good, sounds good, and plays great.

We are in for some hardcore marketing now.  To generate some buzz, we have created an awesome promotion.  When we reach 200,000 paid players, we are going to give 100.00 USD to each of our first 10,000 paid players.  10,000 players x 100.00 USD = 1,000,000 USD giveaway!  We want to give our early adopters a great incentive (more money than they paid for the game) to help us build a big community. If you got involved with Just Tactics during our Alpha or Beta periods, don’t worry! Existing paid players are grandfathered in, and count as the first of our 10,000.

Come play some matches and then help us spread the word so we can get a giant Just Tactics community going.  Visit the site to watch the new videos and grab version 1.0.0.

Thanks so much for being patient throughout the Alpha and Beta periods!


-Jordan ‘carnator’ Brock


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