D’autres nouvelles du jeu Just Tactics

Jordan ‘carnator’ Brock nous informe de la sortie d’autres vidéos du jeu de stratégie Just Tactics, présentant notamment une unité dénommée « Lovat » :







Hi goupildb,

A useful unit in Just Tactics is Lovat, so we made a Meet Lovat Video.  Lovat allows you to pick up friendly Deployable units, and then Call them back in.  It may not sound like a big deal, but it is!
The most useful unit, IMO, remains Wheeler.  If you haven’t watched the Teleporter Video yet, then you are probably ‘doing it wrong.’
The Teleporter Video shows simple jumps, but you need to be thinking giant network of teleporters spread across the map.  The Opening Moves Video shows the beginnings of a larger network.
We are going to stream some matches on Twitch.tv on Friday evening, starting at 9 PM EST.  Come give a watch, it will help you improve your game.


-Jordan ‘carnator’ Brock




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