The deliverables:

This database is updated each month, usually the 1st or 2nd of the following month.

Our deliverables:

Sorry, but to download our deliverables you will need to copy the links (right click, then “copy link”) and paste them into your file manager (for security reasons, FTP transactions have been removed from web browsers).
  • In Tellico format : It’s “The Linux Games Book” in Tellico format. To use it, install Tellico (2.3.5 or above).
    Published on: 05/05/2024.
  • RSS file : an RSS address database of a growing number of games. To use it, install an RSS Reader (i recommend you QuiteRSS). Then open it, and find in its menu the option “Import Feeds”.
    – QuiteRSS is the most powerful, complete and fast (and the only one to support so many links)
    – FeedReader is the most beautiful, but at version 2.10, it still does not provide a local (on your hard disk) stream export function, and is not powerful enough to support so many links.
    Published on: 05/05/2024 (This is the 93th release).

Installation :

  • Install Tellico from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories or from the Tellico site.
  • Download “The Linux Games Book” above in Tellico format.
  • Unzip it.
  • In it’s directory, click on the file “Le Bottin des Jeux”
  • That’s all folks : Enjoy!


  • Skins for Tellico: skins & icons
    (Not necessary, improves the readability and appearance. Documentation is included)
    Last update: 04/12/2020.
  • To convert this Tellico database into a SQLite database (thanks to Yves MAINGOY): BottinToSQLite v.1.0 (Python script)
    (CC-BY license. Not necessary, allows you to launch all sorts of search queries, and possibly to create a Linux game site with dynamic pages but unfortunately I do not have the time nor the skills for that. Documentation is included)
    Last update: 08/17/2019.
  • Filters and tags of this data base on Tellico:
    Filtres et Tags (in CherryTree format, 20240430)
    (CC-BY license. Not necessary, perhaps usefull for you if you wan’t to create your own game site)
    (to use it, install CherryTree, on Debian repository)
  • A set of voice modules (bash scripts) to make your PC talk (welcome message, talking clock, local weather): TalkingPC-v.1.0.1 (20230617)
  • Screenshots of games: Screenshots
    (If you want to fork this site for example, we provide below all the Screenshots of this site).
    Last update: 09/09/2022

Licenses of those screenshots:

  • For mines (screenshots with a border of window, when i have made a test of the game) : Do with it whatever you want”.
  • For others (Mod DB / Indie DB, Steam, Debian, authors of games) : keep on mind you make promotion of games. Even if some of this screenshots wouldn’t be free, i can’t imagine they complain about using their screenshots (99% of them had been created by authors of games themselves).

Some games or tools difficult to find elsewhere:

(Nothing to see with The Linux Games Book, it’s just for some safeguarding of the software heritage)