The Linux Game Tome est de retour !

Le site The Linux Game Tome est de retour parmi nous : bravo, bon retour et bon courage pour la reprise !
Le site Linux Game Publishing et consorts devraient eux aussi rapidement refaire surface : une bonne nouvelle !

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  1. Sorry for the late reply (I was on vacation).
    Please can you precise your question ?
    (information about « The Linux Game Tome » or about the last post ?)
    Thank you.

  2. I am not sure to understand your proposition because my english is not very good (thank you to « Google translate » for it’s help).
    Thank you for your interest in this blog and for your proposition.
    If your proposal is to put a banner on this site, I’m currently not interested.

  3. My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.

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