The deliverables:

This database is updated twice a month, usually the 1st and 16th of the month.

Our deliverables:

  • In Tellico format : It’s “The Linux Games Book” in Tellico format. To use it, install Tellico 2.3.5 or above).
    Last update: 15/02/2019.

Installation :

  • Install Tellico from the Debian/Ubuntu repositories or from the Tellico site.
  • Download “The Linux Games Book” above in Tellico format.
  • Unzip it.
  • In it’s directory, click on the file “Le Bottin des Jeux”
  • That’s all folks : Enjoy!


  • Skins for Tellico: skins & icons
    (Not necessary, improves the readability and appearance. Documentation is included)
    Last update: 04/06/2017.
  • Filters and tags of this data base on Tellico: Filters and Tags
    (CC-BY license. Not necessary, perhaps usefull for you if you wan’t to create your own game site)
    Last update: 19/01/2019
    • Screenshots of games: Screenshots
      (If you want to fork this site for example, we provide below all the Screenshots of this site).
      Last update: 19/01/2019

Licenses of those screenshots:

  • For mines (screenshots with a border of window, when i have made a test of the game) : Do with it whatever you want”.
  • For others (Mod DB / Indie DB, Steam, Debian, authors of games) : keep on mind you make promotion of games. Even if some of this screenshots wouldn’t be free, i can’t imagine they complain about using their screenshots (99% of them had been created by authors of games themselves).

Some games or tools difficult to find elsewhere:

(Nothing to see with The Linux Games Book, it’s just for some safeguarding of the software heritage)

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