The Project

It’s an important resource of informations on Linux games, based on our experience but also and especially on the expertise of recognized sites, by its numerous links (69,000 links to key points of games and external resources such as videos, reviews & interviews, Wikipedia pages, …).

To make our lives easier (this avoided us to upload the entire Bottin between updates) and keep you informed of the next entries in the Bottin, see the page named Soon (or click on the « Soon » button above), you get a small spreadsheet with the latest entries.

The Directory of Linux games are available online on this site (just click on the buttons above), but also offline by downloading its database.

The downloadable / offline version is delivered as a compressed file of 500 MB where you will find a document in the Tellico format (WIKI): to consult this version, it is necessary to install this Tellico software. The advantage of this downloadable version is that it is much more swift, friendly and has advanced sort and search features.

The Directory of Linux Games is under CC BY license, Tellico is under GPL license :
they are free and opened for improvements.

The major versions of The Directory of Linux Games :

  • v1.0 – 1st draft under LibreOffice.
    Major defects : unclassified links, very small comments, a database split into three document, difficult to maintain and consult.
  • v2.0 – transferring the base under Tellico.
    Cleaner, more ergonomic, one document exportable to an online version.
    The number of links has exploded, however most of them are not clearly identified (links are labeled « Lien n°x »), there are many bugs (due to a lack of experience of the author) and comments are often inadequate (inherited from my old data base),
  • v3.0 (in preparation since the revision n°98) under Tellico.
    Eventually (presumably for the 8 years of the site, i updated this number each year, when it will be ready 🙂 ) all links will be classified and informations have been seriously corrected. To monitor its progress, we set up a counter cards remaining to be processed (v2.0 to v3.0).

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